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The Fox and the Wolf

” “O ignorant idiot! who seekest what is vain,” exclaimed the fox, “verily I wonder at thy stupidity, and at the roughness of thy manner, in thine ordering me to serve thee and to stand before thee as though I were a slave. But thou shalt soon see what will befall thee, by the splitting of thy head with stones, and the breaking of thy treacherous dog-teeth.”

The fox then stationed himself upon a mound overlooking the vineyard, and cried out incessantly to the people of the vineyard until they perceived him and came quickly to him. He remained steady before them until they drew near unto him, and unto the pit in which was the wolf, and then he fled. So the owners of the vineyard looked into the pit, and when they beheld the wolf in it, they instantly pelted him with heavy stones, and continued throwing stones and pieces of wood upon him, and piercing him with the points of spears, until they killed him, when they departed. Then the fox returned to the pit, and standing over the place of the wolf’s slaughter, saw him dead; whereupon he shook his head in the excess of his joy, and recited these verses—

“Fate removed the wolf’s soul, and it was snatched away. Far distant from happiness be his soul that hath perished. How long hast thou striven, Abos Tirhán, to destroy me! But now have burning calamities befallen thee. Thou hast fallen into a pit into which none shall descend without finding in it the blasts of death.”

After this the fox remained in the vineyard alone, and in security, fearing no mischief.

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