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Domingo’s Cat

Once upon a time there was a man who was very poor. He was so poor that he had to sell one thing after another to get food to keep from starving. After a while there was nothing left except the cat. He was very fond of his cat, and he said, “O, Cat, let come what will, I’ll never part with you. I would rather starve.”

The cat replied, “O good master Domingo, rest in peace. You will never starve as long as you have me. I am going out into the world to make a fortune for us both.”

The cat went out into the jungle and dug and dug. Every time he dug he turned up silver pieces. The cat took a number of these home to his master so that he could purchase food. The rest of the pieces of silver the cat carried to the king.

The next day the cat dug up pieces of gold and carried them to the king. The next day he carried pieces of diamonds.

“Where do you get these rich gifts? Who is sending me such wonderful presents?” asked the king.

The cat replied, “It is my master, Domingo.”

Now the king had a beautiful daughter. He thought that this man Domingo must be the richest man in the whole kingdom. He decided that his daughter should marry him at once. He made arrangements for the wedding through the cat.

“I haven’t any clothes to wear at the wedding,” said Domingo when the cat told him that he was to marry the daughter of the king.

“Never mind about that. Just leave it to me,” replied the cat.

The cat went to the king and said, “O King, there has been a terrible fire in the tailor shop where they were making the wedding garments of my master, Domingo. The tailor and all of his assistants were burned to death, and the entire outfit of my master Domingo was destroyed. Hasn’t your majesty something which you could lend him to wear at the wedding?” The king sent the richest garments which his wardrobe afforded. Domingo was clothed in state ready for the wedding.

“I have no palace to which to take my bride,” said Domingo to the cat.

“Never mind. I’ll see about it at once,” replied the cat.

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