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Main > Brazilian folktales > Fairy tale "The Fountain of Giant Land"

The Fountain of Giant Land

Nevertheless he looked very handsome in it when he stood before the beautiful princess and claimed her as his bride.

The fisherman was greatly astonished at all the proceedings, for he had never dreamed that it was the king’s son who had been working for him all the year and sleeping on a mat at his side on the floor of his rude hut.

“He may be a prince, but he is the most faithful lad who ever worked for me,” said the fisherman.

“He is indeed a prince,” cried the courtiers, “and the bravest, most faithful prince which any land in all the world ever boasted of.”

“His princely deeds have proven to all the world that he is fit to reign as king over our fair land when I no longer live,” said the king as he gave the prince and the beautiful princess his royal blessing.

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