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Main > Ecuador folktales > Fairy tale "In Search of the Magic Lake"

In Search of the Magic Lake


"Consider it done," said the Sun King. "What else?"

"I'd like to return these three magic feathers to my friends, the scarlet macaws." Instantly, the fan pried itself free of her waistband, shot upward in the air, quickly spun around and flew out an empty window.

"It looks like that's taken care of, too," smiled the Sun King. "What is your third wish?"

"Would you grant my parents large flocks of llama, alpacas and vicunas, and enough land to herd them so they will not be poor in their old age, and so my brothers and I can take care of them?"

"My dear girl, I'll gladly grant this on one condition - that you promise to visit us often at the castle as our treasured friend, since you choose not to join the Incan royal family at this time."

As it turns out, years later Ampata joined the royal family after all; from many visits with the prince a close friendship deepened to love. And none were prouder and happier at their royal wedding than Ampata's parents and two older brothers.

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