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The New Century's Goddess

Ask it of the coming Goddess, at judgment time, when the new heaven is lifted to light and sight at the judgment day.

All the power of steam and all the pressure of modern times were levers! Master Bloodless and his busy crew, who seem the all-powerful rulers of our day, are but its servants, black slaves to adorn the festive hall, open its treasures, set its tables, for the great feast day when the Goddess, a child of innocence, a maid of inspiration, a matron of calm wisdom, shall lift on high the wonderful Lamp of Poetry, that rich, full human heart flaming with the fire of God.

Greetings, you Goddess of Poetry' s coming age! May our salutation be heard as is heard the worm' s hymn of thanksgiving - the worm that is cut to pieces beneath the plow, while a new springtime is dawning and the plowman draws his furrow among us worms, crushing us, that your blessings may be bestowed upon the coming generation.

Greetings, you Goddess of the New Century!

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