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The Six Sillies


When the young man heard this answer he replied:

`Well! good-bye, I am going away. When I shall have found three people sillier than you I will come back and marry your daughter.'

So he continued his journey, and after walking a long way he reached an orchard. Then he saw some people knocking down walnuts, and trying to throw them into a cart with a fork.

`What are you doing there?' he asked.

`We want to load the cart with our walnuts, but we can't manage to do it.'

The lover advised them to get a basket and to put the walnuts in it, so as to turn them into the cart.

`Well,' he said to himself, `I have already found someone more foolish than those three.'

So he went on his way, and by-and-by he came to a wood. There he saw a man who wanted to give his pig some acorns to eat, and was trying with all his might to make him climb up the oak-tree.

`What are you doing, my good man?' asked he.

`I want to make my pig eat some acorns, and I can't get him to go up the tree.'

`If you were to climb up and shake down the acorns the pig would pick them up.'

`Oh, I never thought of that.'

`Here is the second idiot,' said the lover to himself.

Some way farther along the road he came upon a man who had never worn any trousers, and who was trying to put on a pair. So he had fastened them to a tree and was jumping with all his might up in the air so that he should hit the two legs of the trousers as he came down.

`It would be much better if you held them in your hands,' said the young man, `and then put your legs one after the other in each hole.'

`Dear me to be sure! You are sharper than I am, for that never occurred to me.'

And having found three people more foolish than his bride, or her father or her mother, the lover went back to marry the young lady.

And in course of time they had a great many children.

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