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The Wanderings of Vicram Maharajah

The pretend Maharajah soon saw, to his vexation, that his favorite's horns being less strong than its opponent's he was getting tired, was beginning to lose courage, and would surely be worsted in the fight. So quick as thought, he left his own body and transported his soul into the ram's body in order to give it an increase of courage and resolution and enable it to win.

No sooner did Vicram Maharajah, who was hanging up in a cage, see what had taken place, than he left the parrot's body and re-entered his own body, which had already fallen to the ground. In the meantime, Butti's ram suddenly pushed the other down on its knees, and soon put an end to it, ending in one instant the life of the carpenter's son along, unfortunately, with that of the ram.

Great was the joy of the vizier and his wife, and the entire royal household, at recovering their beloved Vicram Maharajah after his long absence. The vizier prevailed upon the king to fly away no more as a parrot, and he pledged to remain in the kingdom.

From that day, Vicram Maharajah stayed in his own kingdom, ruling it wisely and well, and beloved by all. He and the vizier lived to a good old age, and their affection for each other lasted as long as they lived. So that it became a proverb in that country that instead of saying, "So-and-so love each other like brothers" (when speaking of two who were much attached), the people would say, "So-and-so love each other like the rajah and the vizier."

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