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Rags & Tatters

Think no more of it."

"Wake up, sleepyhead," said the old woman to Julietta. "It's time to get up and kindle the fire."

Some weeks later she dreamt the same dream again. Of course, she told her husband about it in the morning.

"It's best you forgot these dreams," he said. "It only makes it harder for you here."

"Get used to the real world, girl," snapped the old woman. "There's the wash tub. Get started."

That very night, Julietta was back in the beautiful palace in her dreams, with servants to wait on her, and jeweled clothes to wear. Again the banquet was rich and splendid, the flowers were rare and fragrant, the music soft and pleasant. But as they were rising from the table someone looked up at the golden ceiling. There in the hole a little man was gazing downward. "Look! look!" cried a man at the table. "There is Rags-and-Tatters!" Just then, in the twinkling of an eye the dream vanished, and the princess was sitting up in her bed by the hearth in the hut on the hill, clad in her old sleeping frock.

She moaned to her husband over all she had lost and left behind. In his heart he really felt very sorry for her. "What's done is done," he said softly. "We must try to make the best of it."

For weeks and weeks she wept every day. Then one night, she dreamt once more of the beautiful palace. As soon as Rags-and-Tatters was recognized and his name was called out, the entire dream disappeared again. The next night, however, she was back in the lovely palace again, richly clad, and with servants to wait on her. The banquet was more splendid than ever. But this time, before they sat down, the Princess Julietta spoke to her assembled guests.

Hannah "Make merry, my friends," she said. "Only one thing is forbidden. Let none of you breathe the name," -- and then she whispered -- "of Rags-and-Tatters!"

They all sat down, ate, drank and made merry, and charming music sounded all about them the while.

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