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Main > Norway folktales > Fairy tale "The Epic of Siegfried"

The Epic of Siegfried

" said Siegfried. "Swear it and you shall live and be the keeper of my treasures."

Alkberich made a sign to his elfin cavalry and every spear was turned point downwards, every tiny shield was thrown to the ground, and the ten thousand little warriors kneeled and acknowledged Siegfried to be their rightful master and the lord of Nibelungen Land, and the owner of the Hoard of the Glittering Heath.

By Alberich's orders, the elves carried the Hoard back into the cavern, and there kept faithful watch and ward over it. And they buried the starved bodies of the two princes on the top of the mist-veiled mountain. Heralds were sent to all the strongholds in Nibelungen Land, proclaiming that Siegfried, though his wisdom and might, had become the true lord and king of the land. Afterwards the prince, riding on the beaming Greyfell, went from place to place, scattering sunshine and smiles where shadows and frowns had been before. And the Nibelungen folk welcomed him everywhere with glad shouts and music and dancing. Thousands of warriors and many noble earls came to meet him and pledged their loyalty to him. The pure brightness of his hero-soul and the gleaming sunbeams from Greyfell's mane lifted the curtain of mists and fogs that had so long darkened the land, and let in the glorious glad light of day.

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