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Story of Ivan, the Peasant's Son

On a sudden she beheld with surprise golden hair upon his head, from which the bladder had fallen off; and, stepping up to him, she saw her handkerchief bound on his left hand; and now she knew that he it had been who had three times defeated and at last slain Polkan. Then she ran instantly to her father, led him into the apartment, and said: “See, my father! You told me I had married a fool; look closely at his hair, and at this wound which he received from Polkan.” Then the Tsar saw that it had been he who had thrice delivered his empire, and he rejoiced greatly.

When Ivan the peasant’s son awoke, the Emperor took him by his white hands, led him into the palace, thanked him for the services he had rendered; and being himself far advanced in years, he placed the crown upon Ivan’s head. Then Ivan mounted the throne, and ruled happily, and lived with his wife for many years in the greatest harmony and love.

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