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The Prince & the Wild Man

This time, a crowd had gathered to await the return of the amazing servant as word had spread of his wondrous talents. Leading the crowd in wait was the king himself.

When the last of the doves was secured, the king stepped before the young man and thundered, "Who are you, truly, that you are able to charm the wild beasts and the birds?"

"Because you, O King, have asked me for the truth, I have no choice but to oblige," said the prince. "I will tell you everything." The prince then related how he had offended the king, his father, and been exiled for life; how his false servant had betrayed him; and how the wild man he had set free had come to help him out of the fearful traps the wicked servant had set for him.

Hearing all this, the king was much amazed. Instantly, he ordered the exposed servant to be thrown into the dungeon. No one was more delighted at this turn of events than the king's daughter, who had secretly fallen in love not with the visiting prince, whom everyone had expected her to marry, but with his handsome, kind, and mysterious servant. The king gladly granted permission for his daughter and the discovered prince to marry. For a wedding present, the prince asked the king to release all the beasts caged in the royal garden.

The prince lived with the princess very happily for many years after this. When the king, his father-in-law, died, he left to them both the kingdom and all of its treasures.

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