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The Troll's Ride

But it would be impossible to collect it without looking carefully, now that the afternoon light was fading.

No, I must hurry, he thought, or I'll reach Lisa late, and that might cost me dearly, proud and particular as she is. And so he rode on.

He had gone only a little farther when his horse stopped by itself and pricked up its ears, listening. Once again he heard the song:

Where are you, daughter, sweet and fair?

I'm looking for you everywhere.

If only I had time to gather some of that resin, he thought, and turned around. But after a minute he changed his mind. It's madness, he said to himself. What do I care about an ugly old troll woman? And so he turned homewards again.

It did not take long before the horse stopped again and once more he heard the song:

Where are you, daughter, sweet and fair?

I'm looking for you everywhere.

I can't bear it, thought Peder Lars. If I don't get the resin, I'm afraid I will never stop hearing that song. And so he galloped back to the pine trees.

He examined the trunks and branches, and did at least succeed in gathering resin from each of the seven trees. By now it was almost dark, and he began to gallop along the road. He came to the ditch and saw the troll woman still sitting there.

"Here you are," he shouted at her, practically throwing the resin into her lap. "And I hope I never see you again, for you have probably cost me my sweetheart's hand!"

He spurred his horse on without waiting to hear whether she would thank him or not. He was angry and anxious, sure that he would be too late. And then what would Lisa's father say? Peder Lars knew he wasn't too happy to have a pauper for a son-in-law. And Lisa herself? Her pride might be hurt.

Suddenly he heard the tramp of horses' hooves nearby, and from round a bend in the road a rider approached him.

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