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Main > Arabic folktales > Fairy tale "V.The History of Sunshine and his Brother"

V.The History of Sunshine and his Brother

’ At these words his daughter replied unto him, ‘The Son of the Tiger-year assuredly is not devoured. On account of his goodness his life was spared him.’

“And when she said this, all were more than ever surprised. ‘Arise!’ said the Chan to his ministers, ‘lead this youth hither.’ Agreeably to these commands, the ministers hastened to the cave of the aged Arschi. Both Arschi and the youth arose, and when they approached unto the dwelling of the Chan, the Chan said, ‘For the mighty benefits which this youth has conferred upon us, and upon our dominions, we feel ourselves bound to go forth to meet him.’

“Thus spake he, and he went forth to meet the youth, and led him into the interior of the palace, and placed him upon one of the seats appropriated to the nobles. ‘O thou most wondrous youth!’ he exclaimed, ‘art thou indeed the son of Arschi?’ The youth replied, ‘I am the Son of a Chan. But because my stepmother, out of the love she bare to her own son, sought to slay me, I fled, and, accompanied by my younger brother, arrived at the cave of the aged Arschi.’

“When the Son of the Chan related all this, the Chan loaded him with honours, and gave his daughters for wives unto the two brothers, and sent them, with many costly gifts and a good retinue, home to their own kingdom. Thither they went, drew nigh unto the palace, and wrote a letter as follows:—‘To the Chan their father, the two brothers are returned back again.’

“Now the father and mother had for many years bewailed the loss of both their sons, and their sorrows had rendered them so gloomy that they remained ever alone.

“On receipt of this letter they sent forth a large body of people to meet their children. But because the wife of the Chan saw both the youths approaching with costly gifts and a goodly retinue, so great was her envy that she died.”

“She was very justly served!” exclaimed the Son of the Chan.

“Ruler of Destiny, thou hast spoken words! Ssarwala missdood jonkzang.” Thus spake Ssidi, and burst from the sack through the air.

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