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The Brothers Lionheart

It was so easy to imagine things wrongly about people. Poor Hubert had watched over me and saved my life and given my smoked meat as well, and in thanks I had only shouted at him: “Don’t kill me!” No wonder he was furious. Forgive me, Hubert, I thought, forgive me; I would say that to him if I ever met him again.

Jossi was more assured now, apparently quite pleased as he sat there, but I think the Katla mark stung him sometimes, because he groaned a little every time, and Kader said, “Feel that, feel that!”

I wished I could have seen what the Katla mark looked like, though it was probably horrible, I imagine, so perhaps it was just as well I didn’t see it.

Jossi went on bragging about everything he had done and everything he was going to do, and suddenly he said:

“Lionheart has a little brother, whom he loves above all else.”

I wept silently and longed for Jonathan.

“We could use the poor little devil as a bait to get Sofia on the hook,” said Jossi.

“You numbskull, why didn’t you tell us that before?” said Kader. “We could use the brother, if we had him, to force Lionheart out of his hiding place. For wherever he is hiding, he would certainly find out in some secret way that we had captured his brother.”

“And that’d bring him out,” said Veder. “ ‘Free my brother and take me instead,’ he’d be bound to say then, if he really cares about his brother and wants to protect him from all evil.”

I was so afraid now that I couldn’t even cry any more, but Jossi puffed himself out and boasted:

“I’ll arrange that when I get back home,” he said. “I can lure little Kalle Lionheart into an ambush. That won’t be difficult. I can do that with a few cakes. And then we can deceive Sofia into trying to save him.”

“Isn’t Sofia too clever for you?” said Kader. “Do you think you could deceive her?”

“Oh, yes, yes indeed,” said Jossi. “and she won’t even know who is doing it. She trusts me.”

Now he was so pleased with himself that he chuckled.

“Then you’ll have both her and little Lionheart.

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