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The Brothers Lionheart

Doesn’t that sound wonderful? And, just think, the first thing he saw when he got to Knights Farm was a little green notice on the gate, and on that notice was painted: The Lionheart Brothers.

“Which means we’re both to live there.” said Jonathan.

Just think, I will too be called Lionheart, me, when I get to Nangiyala. I’m glad about that, because I’d prefer to have the same name as Jonathan, even if I’m not so brave as he is.

“Come as quickly as you can,” he said. “If you can’t find me at Knights Farm, I’ll be sitting fishing down by the stream.”

Then it was quiet and the pigeon flew away, right over the roofs and back to Nangiyala.

And now I’m lying on my sofa, just waiting to fly after it. I hope it’s not too difficult to find my way there. But Jonathan said it wasn’t at all difficult .I’ve written down the address, just to be sure: The Lionheart Brothers, Knights Farm, Cherry Farm, Nangiyala.

Jonathan has lived there alone for two months now. For two long, terrible months, I’ve had to be without him. But I’m soon going to Nangiyala. Soon, soon, I’ll be flying there. It feels as if it’s going to be tonight. I’ll write a note and put it on the kitchen table so that Mother finds it when she wakes up tomorrow morning:

Don’t cry, Mother. See you in Nangiyala.

chapter 3

Then it happened. And I’ve never been in on anything so strange. Suddenly I was standing in front of the gate, reading that green notice: The Lionheart Brothers.

How did I get there? When did I fly? How could I find my way without asking anyone? I don’t know. The only thing I know is that suddenly I was standing there, looking at the name on the gate.

I called to Jonathan. I called several times, but he didn’t answer, and then I remembered--of course, he was sitting fishing down by the stream.

I started to run down the narrow path to the stream. I ran and ran--and down there by the bridge was Jonathan. And if I tell you this, I still can’t tell you what it felt like to see him again.

He didn’t see me coming.

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