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A Kidnapped Santa Claus

And, although they looked so bright and peaceful, the little immortals

were armed with powers that would be very terrible to those who had

incurred their anger. Woe to the Daemons of the Caves if this mighty

army of vengeance ever met them!

But lo! coming to meet his loyal friends appeared the imposing form of

Santa Claus, his white beard floating in the breeze and his bright

eyes sparkling with pleasure at this proof of the love and veneration

he had inspired in the hearts of the most powerful creatures in existence.

And while they clustered around him and danced with glee at his safe

return, he gave them earnest thanks for their support. But Wisk, and

Nuter, and Peter, and Kilter, he embraced affectionately.

"It is useless to pursue the Daemons," said Santa Claus to the army.

"They have their place in the world, and can never be destroyed. But

that is a great pity, nevertheless," he continued musingly.

So the fairies, and knooks, and pixies, and ryls all escorted the good

man to his castle, and there left him to talk over the events of the

night with his little assistants.

Wisk had already rendered himself invisible and flown through the big

world to see how the children were getting along on this bright

Christmas morning; and by the time he returned, Peter had finished

telling Santa Claus of how they had distributed the toys.

"We really did very well," cried the fairy, in a pleased voice; "for I

found little unhappiness among the children this morning. Still, you

must not get captured again, my dear master; for we might not be so

fortunate another time in carrying out your ideas."

He then related the mistakes that had been made, and which he had not

discovered until his tour of inspection. And Santa Claus at once sent

him with rubber boots for Charlie Smith, and a doll for Mamie Brown;

so that even those two disappointed ones became happy.

As for the wicked Daemons of the Caves, they were filled with anger

and chagrin when they found that their clever capture of Santa Claus

had come to naught.

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