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A Kidnapped Santa Claus

Little Wisk stuck out his head from underneath the seat and found

Santa Claus gone and no one to direct the flight of the reindeer.

"Whoa!" he called out, and the deer obediently slackened speed and

came to a halt.

Peter and Nuter and Kilter all jumped upon the seat and looked back

over the track made by the sleigh. But Santa Claus had been left

miles and miles behind.

"What shall we do?" asked Wisk anxiously, all the mirth and mischief

banished from his wee face by this great calamity.

"We must go back at once and find our master," said Nuter the Ryl, who

thought and spoke with much deliberation.

"No, no!" exclaimed Peter the Knook, who, cross and crabbed though he

was, might always be depended upon in an emergency. "If we delay, or

go back, there will not be time to get the toys to the children before

morning; and that would grieve Santa Claus more than anything else."

"It is certain that some wicked creatures have captured him," added

Kilter thoughtfully, "and their object must be to make the children

unhappy. So our first duty is to get the toys distributed as

carefully as if Santa Claus were himself present. Afterward we

can search for our master and easily secure his freedom."

This seemed such good and sensible advice that the others at once

resolved to adopt it. So Peter the Knook called to the reindeer, and

the faithful animals again sprang forward and dashed over hill and

valley, through forest and plain, until they came to the houses

wherein children lay sleeping and dreaming of the pretty gifts they

would find on Christmas morning.

The little immortals had set themselves a difficult task; for although

they had assisted Santa Claus on many of his journeys, their master

had always directed and guided them and told them exactly what he

wished them to do. But now they had to distribute the toys according

to their own judgment, and they did not understand children as well as

did old Santa. So it is no wonder they made some laughable errors.

Mamie Brown, who wanted a doll, got a drum instead; and a drum is of

no use to a girl who loves dolls.

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