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The Sons of Sultan Bey

When all this was done, the Prince ordered his caravan to march and he returned to his own country. He thought, "What more could I bring back with me, when I have every saddle bag and even every pocket filled with gold?"

The youngest prince, who was called Ali, prepared for his journey. His servants and slaves came to him and asked him how many horses and camels and donkeys he required, but he replied, "Bring me only my mare and my sword, since I ride alone." Prince Ali mounted his mare and rode into the world.

He traveled and traveled until he came to the Hill of Arafat, and he saw the baggage abandoned by both of his two brothers. He was amazed and thought, "What has become of my brothers, for this is their baggage, and yet there is no servant and no attendant either alive or dead?" He wrapped himself in his cloak and lay down to sleep so that he might rest, and investigate the fate of his two brothers in the morning.

In the night a Jinni came out of the hill, awoke him and saluted him. There was no fear in the heart of Prince Ali and he greeted the Jinni by saying, "What service can I do for you?"

The Jinni replied, "I come in your service, for you are my guest, as were your two brothers before you, O son of the Sultan Bey. And I regret that I have no feast to prepare in your honor, but I bid you to take as much gold as you will from my store, even as your brothers took before you." The Jinni took the Prince into the hill and showed him the great caverns filled to the very top with gold. The gold was as if untouched, for that taken by Hussein and Hassan was no more than a speck of dust in those mighty stores.

Prince Ali now understood why his brothers had abandoned their tents and baggage and had departed. He said, "Gold I do not want, for it can disappear as quickly as it comes."

The Jinni was amazed and said, "Command me then, and I will give you your heart's desire.

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