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Main > Russia folktales > Fairy tale "Story of Bulat the Brave Companion"

Story of Bulat the Brave Companion

“Nay,” said the man, “I want nothing more than that you will free me from this place.”

“And how and by whom were you caged up thus?”

“Your father imprisoned me here,” replied the man. “I was a famous robber, and was called Bulat the Brave Companion. He was enraged against me, and ordered me to be taken and imprisoned; and here I have been confined for three-and-thirty years.”

“Hark ye, Bulat, brave Companion,” said Ivan, “I cannot set you free without my father’s consent; were he to hear of it he would be wroth.”

“Fear not,” replied Bulat; “your father will hear nothing; for as soon as you set me at liberty I shall go into other lands and not live here.”

“Well then,” said Ivan Tsarevich, “I consent, only on condition that you give me back my arrow and tell me where I can find a trusty steed.”

“Go into the open fields,” said Bulat the Brave Companion, “and there you will see three green oaks; and, on the ground under these oaks, an iron door, with a copper ring. Under the door is a stable, in which stands a good steed, shut in by twelve iron doors with twelve steel locks. Heave up this door, strike off the twelve steel locks, and open the twelve doors; there you will find a horse; mount him and come to me; I will give you back your arrow, and then you will let me out of this prison.”

When Ivan Tsarevich heard this he went into the open fields, saw the three green oaks, and found the iron door with the copper ring. So he hove up the door, knocked off the twelve locks, and opened the twelve doors, and entered a stable, where he beheld a knightly steed and a suit of armour. Then Ivan Tsarevich laid his hand upon the horse, and the horse fell not upon his knees, but merely bent himself a little. And as soon as the horse saw a knight standing before him, he neighed loudly, and let Ivan saddle and bridle him. Ivan Tsarevich took the steed, the battle-axe, and sword, led the horse out of the stable, leaped into the Tcherkess saddle, and took the silken bridle in his white hand.

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