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The Six Friends

While they waited, they eagerly told one another all about the adventures they had. In this way, most of the day passed. When the prince's son still did not appear, the friends noticed that the tree which he had planted was drooping and withering.

"Our friend must be in danger or trouble," said the doctor's son. "Let's lose no time in searching for him. Even now we may be too late to save him." The others were alarmed and eager to start at once, but the magician's son held up his hand.

"One moment!" he said. "By my magic art I can learn exactly where our friend is. Then we can go straight to him without any further loss of time."

Bidding the others to sit down and wait, he drew a circle on the ground. Placing himself in the center of the circle, he began to recite all sorts of strange words and to draw figures and signs in the air. After awhile he erased the circle and announced to his friends that he knew the exact whereabouts of the prince's son at that moment.

"But we must hurry," he said, "for he is in great danger and will surely die unless we rescue him right away!"

So the five set out at a quick pace and traveled all night without rest. By early morning they had reached the well where the prince's son was imprisoned.

"But how shall we move away the rock?" they all cried in despair, seeing the huge boulder completely covering the mouth of the well.

"I know how to move it!" said the blacksmith's son. Taking the heavy iron hammer which he always carried in his belt, he fell to work upon the rock, knocking great chunks out of it until it was all broken to pieces.

When the mouth of the well was opened, they hastily lowered the doctor's son, who found the son of the prince lying there quite white and still and close to death.

"It is well they chose me to fetch him!" he muttered as he drew forth his bag of medicines.

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