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The Six Friends

He poured some red liquid down the throat of his unconscious friend, who soon began to stir and then to sit up.

With great difficulty the two young men were hauled up to the mouth of the well. Once they were once safely out of it, the friends all embraced with heartfelt joy and affection. Then the prince's son told the tale of his adventure and its sorry ending, and the other five were full of compassion for him and anger toward the wicked Khan.

Suddenly, the wood-carver's son spoke up. "I have an idea!" he said. "I can fashion a great wooden bird, large enough to carry a man, and I will fit it with wings, hinges and springs so that it can fly through the air."

"And I," cried the painter's son, catching the idea at once, "will paint and decorate it with marvelously beautiful colors, so that it will look like a magnificent, magical bird."

They were all much excited by this time and begged the wood-carver's son to tell them more.

"Why," said he, "the prince's son shall fly in my wonder bird to the palace of the Khan-"

Liz, age 7"And," interrupted the painter's son, "when that wicked ruler sees the beauty and the color of it, he will believe it is a magical bird, and he will go up to the roof to receive it, with all of his royal household, and then - and then -"

"You can snatch up your wife and carry her away!" they all shouted at once to the prince's son, who was trembling with joy and hope.

Gary, age 8The wood-carver's son fell to work at once, and in no time at all had built a marvelous wooden bird, big and strong and powerful, with great broad wings that would carry it through the air at the touch of a spring. Then the painter's son got out his paints and decorated it with colors so rich and fair that is shone with beauty. The prince's son got into it as soon as it was ready. Amid the shouts of his friends, he pressed a button and flew high up into the air.

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