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Aunt Jane's Nieces at Work



"Daddy," said Patricia Doyle at the breakfast table in her cosy New York

apartment, "here is something that will make you sit up and take


"My dear Patsy," was the reply, "it's already sitting up I am, an'

taking waffles. If anything at all would make me take notice it's your

own pretty phiz."

"Major," remarked Uncle John, helping himself to waffles from a fresh

plate Nora brought in, "you Irish are such confirmed flatterers that you

flatter your own daughters. Patsy isn't at all pretty this morning.

She's too red and freckled."

Patsy laughed and her blue eyes danced.

"That comes from living on your old farm at Millville," she retorted.

"We've only been back three days, and the sunburn sticks to me like a

burr to a kitten."

"Pay no attention to the ould rascal, Patsy," advised the Major,

composedly. "An' stop wavin' that letter like a white flag of surrender.

Who's it from?"


"Aha! An' how is our lad?"

"Why, he's got himself into a peck of trouble. That's what I want to

talk to you and Uncle John about," she replied, her happy face growing

as serious as it could ever become.

"Can't he wiggle out?" asked Uncle John.

"Out of what?"

"His trouble."

"It seems not. Listen--"

"Oh, tell us about it, lassie," said the Major. "If I judge right

there's some sixty pages in that epistle. Don't bother to read it


"But every word is important," declared Patsy, turning the letter over,

"--except the last page," with a swift flush.

Uncle John laughed. His shrewd old eyes saw everything.

"Then read us the last page, my dear."

"I'll tell you about it," said Patsy, quickly. "It's this way, you see.

Kenneth has gone into politics!"

"More power to his elbow!" exclaimed the Major.

"I can't imagine it in Kenneth," said Uncle John, soberly. "What's he in


"For--for--let's see. Oh, here it is. For member of the House of

Representatives from the Eighth District."

"He's flying high, for a fledgling," observed the Major.

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