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Karlsson on the Roof

But at seven o’clock Stephen Nicholson came to take away his puppy. Eric was then lying on his bed, crying as if his heart would break.

Chapter 8 - Karlsson Goes to a Birthday Party

It was summertime. School was over, and Eric would soon be going to his Grannie’s. But first a very important event was due to take place. Eric would be eight years old. Oh, what a long time he had waited for this day to come … ever since his seventh birthday! Strange that it should be so long between birthdays—almost as long as between Christmases.

On the eve of his birthday Eric had a little talk with Karlsson.

“I’m going to have a birthday party,” said Eric. “Bridget and Christopher are coming, and we can have tea in my room …”

Eric paused and looked gloomy. “I’d like very much to ask you, too,” he said, “but—”

Mommy got so angry at any mention of Karlsson-on-the-Roof. It did not seem much use asking her to let Karlsson come to his birthday party.

But Karlsson pouted, with his lower lip stuck out more than ever.

“I’m going home if I can’t come,” he said. “Why shouldn’t I have some fun?”

“Yes, all right! You can come,” said Eric hastily. He would talk to Mommy, come what may. It was impossible to have a birthday party without Karlsson.

“What will there be to eat?” asked Karlsson, now restored to good humor.

“Birthday cake, of course,” said Eric. “I will have a cake with eight candles on it.”

“Oh!” said Karlsson. “Look, I’ve got an idea.”

“What?” asked Eric.

“Couldn’t you ask your Mommy for eight birthday cakes and one candle instead?”

Eric did not think his Mommy would agree to that.

“Will you get some nice presents, then?” asked Karlsson.

“I don’t know,” said Eric.

He sighed. He certainly knew what he wanted—more than anything else in the world. But he would not get it.

“I don’t think I’ll have a dog as long as I live,” he said. “But there’ll be a lot of other presents, of course. So I must be contented and not think of a dog all day; I’ve made up my mind about that.”

“Yes, and you’ve got me, haven’t you?

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