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Karlsson on the Roof

You see, I’m almost sure he’s not going to come. From now on we won’t bother about him at all. Because now you’ve got Bimbo.”

Yes, of course, now he had Bimbo … but that did not make Eric want Karlsson any the less at his party.

Bridget and Christopher sat down at the table, and Mommy handed out the sandwiches. Eric put Bimbo in the little dog basket and sat down himself. Then Mommy went away and left the children to themselves.

Bobby put his nose through the door and shouted, “You’ll save some cake, won’t you, so that Betty and I can each have a slice?”

“I suppose so,” said Eric, “though it doesn’t seem quite fair. After all, you’d been wolfing cake for seven or eight years before I was born.”

“Don’t be an idiot! I want a big piece,” said Bobby, shutting the door.

As soon as he had gone the familiar buzzing sound was heard and in came Karlsson.

“Have you started already?” he shouted. “How much have you eaten?”

Eric reassured him. They had not had time to start yet.

“Good!” said Karlsson.

“Aren’t you going to say happy birthday to Eric?” asked Bridget.

“Oh, yes, happy birthday,” said Karlsson. “Where shall I sit?”

There was no cup for Karlsson, and when he noticed this, he stuck out his lower lip and looked cross.

“I’m going home if it’s not fair shares. Why isn’t there a cup for me?”

Eric hastily gave him his own. Then he slipped out into the kitchen and fetched another cup for himself.

“Karlsson! I’ve got a dog,” he said when he returned. “He’s over there, and he’s called Bimbo.”

Eric pointed at Bimbo, who was lying in his basket fast asleep.

“Oh, good,” said Karlsson. “I’ll take that sandwich … and that one … and that one! Oh, I’ve just remembered,” he added. “I brought a birthday present for you. I’m the kindest person in the world.”

He took a whistle from his trousers pocket and gave it to Eric. “You can use it when you want to whistle for Bimbo. I whistle for my dogs, too, though they’re called Nicholson and can fly.”

“Are they all called Nicholson?” asked Christopher.

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