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Karlsson on the Roof

“Yes, all thousand of them,” said Karlsson. “When are we going to cut the cake?”

“Thank you, dear, dear Karlsson, for the whistle,” said Eric. “It’ll be wonderful to have it for Bimbo.”

“Perhaps I’ll borrow it sometimes,” said Karlsson. “Perhaps I’ll borrow it quite often,” he said, and added anxiously, “Did you receive any toffee?”

“Oh, yes,” said Eric. “From Bridget and Christopher.”

“It’ll go straight to a Deserving Charity,” said Karlsson, seizing the bag. He put it in his pocket and started on the sandwiches.

Bridget, Christopher, and Eric had to be quick to get their share. But fortunately Mommy had provided plenty.

Mommy, Daddy, Bobby, and Betty were in the sitting room.

“Do you hear them?” said Mommy. “They’re having a good time in there. I am glad Eric got his dog. It’s going to be a nuisance, of course, but that can’t be helped.”

“Yes, now he’ll forget his silly ideas about Karlsson-on-the-Roof. I’m sure of that,” said Daddy.

Sounds of laughter and talking came from Eric’s room, and Mommy said, “Let’s go and have a look at the children—they’re so funny!”

“Yes, let’s!” said Betty.

They all went in—Mommy and Daddy and Bobby and Betty—to look at Eric’s birthday party.

It was Daddy who opened the door. But it was Mommy who called out first, for it was she who first caught sight of the fat little man sitting beside Eric: a fat little man with whipped cream up to his eyes.

“I feel faint,” said Mommy.

Daddy, Bobby, and Betty stood rooted to the floor and stared.

“You see, Mommy! Karlsson did come after all,” said Eric happily. “What a wonderful birthday I’m having!”

The fat little man swept away some of the cream from his mouth and with a chubby hand he waved to Daddy, Mommy, Bobby, and Betty, spraying the cream around him like a cloud.

“Hi-ho!” he shouted. “You haven’t had the pleasure yet, have you? My name’s Karlsson-on-the-Roof … ah, ah, Bridget, not so greedy! I’m supposed to have some cake too, aren’t I?”

He took hold of Bridget’s hand as she held a piece of cake and made her let it go.

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