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Karlsson on the Roof

He scowled angrily at Cosh and said, “That’s O.K. with me. I want a word with you too.”

Cosh and Ruffy then went out onto the landing, and poor Oscar sat there alone. He must have thought it was dull, because soon he got up and went out to see what had become of Cosh and Ruffy. Karlsson quickly climbed over the window ledge and put Oscar’s wallet into the empty soup tureen. And the watch Karlsson fixed to the light on the ceiling, where it hung swaying, and it was the first thing that Oscar, Ruffy, and Cosh saw when they came back from the landing. But they did not see Karlsson, because he had crawled underneath the table, concealed by the cloth, which nearly reached the floor. By this time, Eric was also sitting under the table, because he wanted to be with Karlsson even in such a doubtful situation.

“Look at my watch!” said Oscar. “How on earth did it get up there?”

He went and took down the watch and put it back in his waistcoat pocket.

“And if this isn’t my wallet!” he said, looking into the soup tureen. “How very strange!”

Ruffy and Cosh looked at Oscar with admiration, and Cosh said, “Even country bumpkins know a thing or two, it seems.”

Ruffy, Cosh, and Oscar sat down at the table once more.

“Oscar, old buddy, you must have some more to eat and drink,” said Cosh.

So Oscar, Ruffy, and Cosh ate, drank, and patted each other on the back. After a short time Cosh’s hand appeared under the table, carefully placing Oscar’s wallet on the floor. He must have thought it was a safer place than his trousers pocket—but it wasn’t, because Karlsson immediately seized the wallet and passed it up to Ruffy. Ruffy took the wallet and said, “Cosh, I misjudged you, you’re a gentleman, after all.”

Soon Ruffy’s hand appeared under the table, carefully placing Oscar’s watch on the floor. Karlsson took the watch, nudged Cosh’s leg gently, and handed him Oscar’s watch. Cosh said, “There’s not a better pal than you, Ruffy!”

But presently Oscar said, “Where’s my wallet? And where’s my watch?

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