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Pippi Longstocking

Nilsson up in a pine tree, sucking his tail and looking very lonely. It wasn't much fun for a little monkey to be left all alone in the woods. He skipped down from the pine and up on Pippi's shoulder, waving his little straw hat as he always did when he was very happy.

"Well, well, so you aren't going to be a maidservant this time?" said Pippi, stroking his back. "Oh, that was a lie, that's true," she continued. "But still, if it's true, how can it be a lie?" she argued. "You wait and see, it's going to turn out that he was a maidservant in Arabia after all, and if that's the case, I know who's going to make the meatballs at our house hereafter!"

And then they strolled home, Pippi's dress still going "klafs, klafs," and her shoes "squish, squish."

Tommy and Annika thought they had had a wonderful day in spite of the bull, and they sang a song they had learned at school. It was really a summer song, but they thought it fitted very well even if it was now nearly autumn:

In the jolly summertime

Through field and wood we make our way.

Nobody's sad, everyone's gay.

We sing as we go, hol-lá, hol-1ó!

You who are young, Come join in our song.

Don't sit home moping all the day long.

Our song will swell

Through wood and dell

And up to the mountaintop as well.

In the jolly summertime

We sing as we go, hol-lá, hol-1ó.

Pippi sang too, but with slightly different words:

In the jolly summertime

Through field and wood I make my way.

I do exactly as I wish,

And when I walk it goes squish, squish,

Squish, squish. Squish, squish.

And my old shoe—

It's really true—

Sometimes says "chip" and sometimes "choo."

For the shoe is wet.

The bull sleeps yet.

And I eat all the rice pudding I can get.

In the jolly summertime

I squish wherever I go. Squish-oh! Squish-oh!

7 Pippi Goes to the Circus

A circus had come to the little town, and all the children were begging their mothers and fathers for permission to go. Of course Tommy and Annika asked to go too, and their kind father immediately gave them some money.

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