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Alice in Wonderland

' Be careful, Five!' one of them said.

' I'm always careful, Seven,' answered Five.

Alice went to them.' What are you doing ?' she asked.

' We're making the flowers red,' one of the gardeners said.

' That's strange!' thought Alice.' Why ?' she asked.

The three men looked unhappy.

' You tell her, Seven,' Five said.

' No,' said Seven,' You tell her,Two.'

'Well, Miss, the Queen wanted trees with red flowers on them. But this tree's got white flowers! We don't want the Queen to see it. She'll be very angry and cut off our heads. So we're making the flowers red before she sees them.'

' Oh no!' Five shouted suddenly.' The Queen! The Queen!'

The three gardeners fell to the ground, with their faces down. Alice heard the sound of many feet and turned round. ' Oh good!' she thought.' Now I'll see the Queen.'

First, ten men with clubs in their hands came into the garden. Next came the King's men. There were ten of them, and they had red diamonds on their clothes. The children of the King and Queen came next, all with red hearts. After them there were a lot more people. Most of them were Kings and Queens. The White Rabbit was there, but he didn't see Alice. The Knave of Hearts came next. Last of all were the King and Queen of Hearts.

When these people saw Alice, they all stopped. The Queen said to the Knave of Hearts,'Who is this?'

The Knave of Hearts didn't know. So he smiled and said nothing.

' Stupid man!' shouted the Queen. She turned to Alice and said,' What's your name, child ?'

' My name is Alice, Madam,' Alice answered.

She didn't feel very afraid of the Queen.' They're only cards', she thought.

The Queen looked at the gardeners. They were on the ground and she couldn't see their faces.'Who are these men?' she asked.

'Don't ask me I don't know,' answered Alice, not very politely.

The Queen's face got redder and redder. She looked at Alice and shouted,' Cut off her head! Cut -'

' Oh, be quiet!' said Alice.

The Queen stopped shouting. The King put his hand on her arm. He said quietly,'Don't be angry, my dear.

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