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Alice in Wonderland

Alice moved her arm again. Now there were two little cries. Everything was quiet for a short time, then something hard hit her arm.

' That hurt!' said Alice.

Something came through the window and fell on the floor. Alice looked down. It was a little cake.

'A cake ? Why did they throw a cake ?' she wondered.

Then she thought,' I'll eat it and perhaps I'll get smaller again. I can't get bigger!' So she ate the cake and two or three minutes later she was small again. She ran out of the house as quickly as she could.

The White Rabbit saw her. He ran after her but Alice ran too fast for him. After some time, she came to a wood. She was tired because she was very small now.

' I have to get bigger again,' said Alice.' But how ? I have to eat or drink something, but the question is — what ?'

That was the question. She looked all round her, but she couldn't see anything with 'EAT ME' or 'DRINK ME' on it. There were some mushrooms near her. Some were white and some were brown.'I eat mushrooms for dinner,' she thought. 'I'll eat some mushroom and perhaps I'll get bigger again.'

One white mushroom was as big as Alice. She stood up tall and looked over the top. There, on top of the mushroom, was a large green caterpillar.

Chapter 5 The Caterpillar

The Caterpillar looked at Alice for some time before it spoke. Then it said slowly,' Who are you ?'

It was a difficult question. 'I ... I don't really know, sir,' Alice said. 'I was Alice when I got up this morning. But then I changed — and then I changed again — and again.'

' What do you mean ?' the Caterpillar asked.

'I don't know,'Alice answered.' You see, I'm not me now.'

' I don't understand,' said the Caterpillar.

'I'll try and tell you,' said Alice.'You see, I change all the time. It's very difficult for me.'

' Why ? I can change very easily.'

'Well, perhaps it's not difficult for you, but it is for me,' . said Alice.

' For you ? Who are you ?' said the Caterpillar and laughed. ■Alice felt angry. 'It asked me that question before,' she thought.

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