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Alice in Wonderland

She tried to walk through it, but she was too big. Sadly, she shut the door again and put the key back on the table.

'Why can't I get smaller?' thought Alice.' This is a very strange place - so perhaps I can.'

She looked at the table. There was a little bottle on it.

' That bottle was not on the table before,' thought Alice.

The bottle had ' DRINK ME' on it in large letters. Alice looked at it carefully.

' Is it all right to drink ?' she wondered.

' I'll drink a little,' she thought. She had some and it was very nice. So she had some more.' This feels strange,' said Alice.' I'm getting smaller and smaller!' - After a short time, she was only 25 centimetres high.

' Now I can go through that door,' she thought. She went to the door, but could not open it. The key was on the table. She went back to the table. But Alice was too short and she couldn't get the key. She tried to climb the table legs, but it was too difficult. The little girl sat down and cried.

'Alice! Alice!' she said after some minutes. 'Don't cry. It isn't going to help you. Stop now!'

Then she saw a little box under the table. She opened it. There was a cake inside. On it, she saw the words,' EAT ME'.

'Yes, I will eat it,'Alice said. 'Perhaps I'll get bigger and then I can get the key. Or perhaps I'll get smaller. Then I can get under the door into the garden.'

She ate some cake.

'Will I go up or down?' she wondered. She felt the top of her head with her hand. But nothing happened — she stayed the same size. So she finished the cake.

Chapter 2 Alice's Tears

'Oh! What's happening?' cried Alice. 'I'm getting taller and taller!' She looked down. 'Goodbye, feet! Who will put your shoes on for you now? I can't do it! I'll give you some new shoes for Christmas. I'll have to send them to you!'

In a short time, Alice was more than three metres high.

' I want to go into that garden!' she thought. She took the little key from the table. Then she went to the door and opened it. But she was too big and couldn't go through it.

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