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Alice in Wonderland

' Now I can talk to somebody.'

' How are you ?' the Cheshire Cat asked.

Alice waited. She thought,' I won't speak to it before it has its ears - or perhaps one ear.'

In another minute, she could see its ears and eyes.

' Do you like the Queen ?' the Cat asked.

' I don't,' said Alice. But then she saw the Queen. She was very near Alice.' She's wonderful,' said Alice. The Queen smiled and moved away. But the King saw the Cat's head and came to Alice.

' Who are you talking to ?' he asked.

' It's a friend — a Cheshire Cat,' answered Alice.

The King looked carefully at the Cat.' I don't like it,' said the King.

'Well, I don't like you' said the Cat.

' That's not polite,' said the King and got behind Alice.

Alice said, 'A cat can look at a King. I read that in a book, I think.'

'Well, this cat has to go,' said the King. He called to the Queen,' My dear, I don't like this cat.'

The Queen had only one answer to problems.' Cut off its head!' she shouted loudly. She didn't look at the Cat. The King smiled happily

After a short time, there were a lot of people round the Cat. There was the King and Queen, and a man with a very long knife in his hand.

'How can I cut off its head?' asked the man with the knife. 'I can't do it and I'm not going to.'

' Oh yes you are,' said the King.' It's got a head, so you can cut it off.'

'Do something now, or I'll cut off everybody's head!' said the Queen angrily.

' What do you think ?' the King asked Alice.

Alice thought for a minute. Then she said,' It's the Duchess's Cat. Ask her about it.'

' Bring the Duchess here,' the Queen said.

Then the Cheshire Cat's head started to vanish. Somebody came back with the Duchess. But now there was nothing above Alice's head — not an eye or an ear or a smile. The King looked for the Cat for some time, but he couldn't find it anywhere.

' Come for a walk, you dear thing,' the Duchess said to Alice. She put her arm through Alice's and they walked through the garden.

' She's very friendly to me,' thought Alice.

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