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Alice in Wonderland

' Dinah's our cat. She's very nice. And very clever and fast. She can catch a mouse in the morning for her breakfast and a little bird in the evening for her dinner - Oh! I'm sorry!'

It was too late. The birds and animals started leaving.

One old bird said, 'I really have to go home. It gets so cold at night!'

Another bird called to her children,' Come away, my dears! It's time for bed!'

They all spoke politely to Alice and left the room. ' Oh, why did I talk about Dinah ?' cried Alice.' Nobody likes Dinah down here, but she's the best cat in the world. Perhaps I'll never see her again!'

She sat down and started to cry again. After a time, she heard the sound of small feet and looked up.

' Perhaps it's the Mouse,' she thought.

Chapter 4 The White Rabbit's House

It was not the Mouse. It was the White Rabbit. He came slowly into the room.

' Oh, my ears and nose!' he said quietly.' The Duchess! The Duchess! She'll be angry! They'll cut off my head, I know! Oh, where is it ? Where did it fall ?'

'He's looking for his hat,' thought Alice.

She wanted to help him, but she couldn't see the hat anywhere. She looked round. Everything was different now. She wasn't in the long room any more, and there was no table or water. She was outside again, in the country.

The White Rabbit saw her. 'What are you doing out here, Mary Ann ?' he asked angrily.' Run home this minute and bring me a hat. Quick, now!'

Alice didn't say,' I'm not Mary Ann.' She felt too afraid. She ran fast and after a short time, she came to a pretty little house. Above the door were the words 'w. RABBIT'. She went in and ran up the stairs. ' This is very strange,' she thought.' I hope I don't meet Mary Ann. Why am I bringing a rabbit his hat ? Perhaps when I get home, I'll do things for Dinah. Perhaps I'll watch mouse-holes for her!'

She went into a small room. There, on a table, was a hat and a little bottle. Alice took the hat and looked at the bottle. It didn't have the words' DRINK ME' on it, but she drank from it.

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