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Alice in Wonderland

She sat down and began to cry again. Because she was very big, her tears were very big too.

' Alice, stop it this minute! Don't cry!' she said.

But she couldn't stop the big tears and after a time there was water everywhere.

She heard the sound of small feet. She looked down and there was the White Rabbit again. He had his best clothes on, and in one hand he had a white hat.

' Oh, the Duchess, the Duchess!' he said.' She'll be angry with me because I'm late!'

Alice wanted to ask him for help.' Please, sir — ' she said very politely.

The White Rabbit jumped. He ran out of the room and his hat fell from his hands. Alice took the hat.

'Am I different?' she wondered. 'I was Alice yesterday, but everything is different today. Perhaps I'm not me now. So who am I? That's the question.'

She began to think about her friends. 'Perhaps I'm one of them,' she thought.' I'm not Ada because her hair is different to mine. I don't want to be my friend Mabel, because she doesn't know very much. I know more than she does.' Then she thought, ' Do I know more ? Let me see. What's four and four ? Eight. Eight and eight is sixteen. Sixteen and sixteen is .. . Oh! I can't remember!' And she started to cry again.

But this time her tears were small tears — she was small again! ' Why ?' she wondered. Then she understood. She had the White Rabbit's hat in her hand.

' I'm smaller because I've got the hat in my hand!' she thought.

She put the hat on. It was the right size for her head.

Am I smaller than the table now ?' she wondered. She went to the table and stood next to it. She was smaller than the table.' I'm getting smaller all the time!' she cried.' I'm going to vanish!' She quickly took the hat off.

' Now I can go into the garden!' thought Alice, and she started to run to the little door. But before she got there, she fell into some water. She tried to put her feet on the ground but she couldn't. She had to swim.

'I'm in the sea!' she thought. But it wasn't the sea.The water was her tears.

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