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Alice in Wonderland

' Why did you call me ? I wanted to finish my tea,' he said.

' When did you begin your tea ?' asked the King.

The Mad Hatter thought for a minute. The March Hare and the Mouse were quite near him and he looked at them for ideas. Then he said,' March the fourteenth - I think.'

' Fifteenth,' said the March Hare.

' Sixteenth,' said the Mouse.

' Write that down,' said the King to the White Rabbit. Then he said to the Mad Hatter,'Take off your hat.'

' It isn't mine,' said the Mad Hatter.

' Oh, so you took it from somebody, you bad man,' said the King.

' No, no! I sell hats. I'm a Hatter,' answered the Mad Hatter. He looked very afraid.

'Don't be afraid or I'll cut off your head!' said the King.

' I'm not a bad man!' the Mad Hatter cried.' But the March Hare told me —'

' I didn't!' the March Hare said quickly.

'Well, the Mouse said ...' The Mad Hatter stopped and looked at the Mouse. But the Mouse didn't say anything, because he was asleep.

'After that,' said the Mad Hatter,' I cut some more bread-and-butter.'

' But what did the Mouse say ?' asked the King.

' I can't remember,' the Mad Hatter said.

'You have to remember,' the King said, 'or I'll cut off your head.'

' I'm a good man, Sir ...' the unhappy Mad Hatter began. But the King wasn't interested now.

' You can go,' he said to the Mad Hatter.

The Mad Hatter ran out of the room.

'Take his head off outside!' shouted the Queen. Two men ran after him. But the Mad Hatter ran very fast and they could not catch him.

Alice did not feel very well. 'What's wrong with me?' she wondered. And then she understood.' I'm getting bigger again,' she thought.

She was between the Duchess and the Mouse.' You're hurting me,' the Duchess said.

' I can't do anything,' said Alice.' I'm getting bigger.'

' You can't get bigger here', said the Mouse.

'Yes, I can,' said Alice. 'You're getting bigger too.'

'Yes, but not as fast as you,' said the Mouse. He got up and sat

in a different place.

' Call the next person!' said the King.

The next person came in.

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