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Aunt Jane's Nieces


"What did she say?"

"That you would be more wise then, and would probably decide to keep


Patsy turned impulsively to the boy.

"Kenneth," she said, "I faithfully promise, in the presence of these

witnesses, to give you Elmhurst and all Aunt Jane's money as soon as I

am of age."

"Good for you, Patsy," said Uncle John.

The boy seemed bewildered.

"I don't want the money--really I don't!" he protested. "The five

thousand she left me will be enough. But I'd like to live here at

Elmhurst for a time, until it's sold or some one else comes to live in

the house!"

"It's yours," said Patsy, with a grand air. "You can live here


Mr. Watson seemed puzzled.

"If that is your wish, Miss Patricia," bowing gravely in her

direction, "I will see that it is carried out. Although I am, in

this matter, your executor, I shall defer to your wishes as much as


"Thank you," she said and then, after a moment's reflection, she

added: "Can't you give to Louise and Beth the ten thousand dollars

they were to have under the other will, instead of the five thousand

each that this one gives them?"

"I will consider that matter," he replied; "perhaps it can be


Patsy's cousins opened their eyes at this, and began to regard her

with more friendly glances. To have ten thousand each instead of

five would be a very nice thing, indeed, and Miss Patricia Doyle

had evidently become a young lady whose friendship it would pay to

cultivate. If she intended to throw away the inheritance, a portion of

it might fall to their share.

They were expressing to Patsy their gratitude when old Donald suddenly

appeared in the doorway and beckoned to Uncle John.

"Will you please come to see James, sir?" he asked. "The poor fellow's




Uncle John followed the coachman up the stairs to the little room

above the tool-house, where the old man had managed to crawl after old

Sam had given him a vicious kick in the chest.

"Is he dead?

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