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Aunt Jane's Nieces

" demanded Patsy, with sudden fierceness.

"Is it a joke? Isham, Marvin & Co., the great bankers! What do I know

of them, or they of me?"

"That isn't the point," observed the Major, reflectively. "Who's their

unknown and mysterious client? That's the question."

"To be sure," said Uncle John. "They're only the agents. You must have

a fairy godmother, Patsy."

She laughed at the idea, and shook her head.

"They don't exist in these days, Uncle John. But the whole thing must

be a joke, and nothing more."

"We'll discover that," asserted the Major, shrewdly scrutinizing

the letter, which he had taken from Patsy's hands. "It surely looks

genuine enough, on the face of it. I've seen the bank letter-head

before, and this is no forgery, you can take my word. Get your things

on, Patsy. Instead of walking in the park we'll hunt up Willing

Square, and we'll take the keys with us."

"A very good idea," said Uncle John. "I'd like to go with you, if I


"Of course you may," answered the girl. "You're one of the family now,

Uncle John, and you must help us to unravel the mystery."

The Major took off his carpet slippers and pulled on his boots, while

Patricia was getting ready for the walk. Uncle John wandered around

the room aimlessly for a time, and then took off his black tie and put

on the white one.

Patsy noticed this, when she came out of her closet, and laughed


"You mustn't be getting excited, Uncle John, until we see how this

wonderful adventure turns out." she said. "But I really must wash and

iron that necktie for you, if you're going to wear it on Sundays."

"Not a bad idea," said the Major. "But come, are we all ready?"

They walked down the rickety steps very gravely and sedately, Patsy

jingling the keys as they went, and made their way to the corner drug

store, where the Major searched in the directory for Willing Square.

To his surprise it proved to be only a few blocks away.

"But it's in the dead swell neighborhood," he explained, "where I have

no occasion to visit.

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