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Aunt Jane's Nieces

"But how about the money, Patsy dear?" he asked. "Did you get nothing

out of Jane Merrick's estate?"

"Not a nickle, Dad. 'Twas the best joke you ever knew. I fought with

Aunt Jane like a pirate and it quite won her heart. When she died she

left me all she had in the world."

"Look at that, now!" said the Major, wonderingly.

"Which turned out to be nothing at all," continued Patsy. "For another

will was found, made by Mr. Thomas Bradley, which gave the money to

his own nephew after Aunt Jane died. Did you ever?"

"Wonderful!" said the Major, with a sigh.

"So I was rich for half a day, and then poor as ever."

"It didn't hurt you, did it?" asked the Major. "You weren't vexed with

disappointment, were you, Patsy?"

"Not at all, Daddy."

"Then don't mind it, child. Like as not the money would be the

ruination of us all. Eh, sir?" appealing to Uncle John.

"To be sure," said the little man. "Jane left five thousand to me,

also, which I didn't get. But I'm not sorry at all."

"Quite right, sir," approved the Major, sympathetically, "although

it's easier not to expect anything at all, than to set your heart on a

thing and then not get it. In your case, it won't matter. Our house is

yours, and there's plenty and to spare."

"Thank you," said Uncle John, his face grave but his eyes merry.

"Oh, Major!" cried Patsy, suddenly. "There's Danny Reeves's

restaurant. Let's get off and have our dinner now; I'm as hungry as a


So they stopped the car and descended, lugging all the parcels into

the little restaurant, where they were piled into a chair while the

proprietor and the waiters all gathered around Patsy to welcome her


My, how her eyes sparkled! She fairly danced for joy, and ordered the

dinner with reckless disregard of the bill.

"Ah, but it's good to be back," said the little Bohemian, gleefully.

"The big house at Elmhurst was grand and stately, Major, but there

wasn't an ounce of love in the cupboard."

"Wasn't I there. Patsy?" asked Uncle John, reproachfully.

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