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Aunt Jane's Nieces

We can walk it in five minutes."

Patsy hesitated.

"Really, it's no use going, Dad," she protested. "It isn't in reason

that I'd have a place presented me in a dead swell neighborhood. Now,

is it?"

"We'll have to go, just the same," said Uncle John. "I couldn't sleep

a wink tonight if we didn't find out what this all means."

"True enough," agreed the Major. "Come along, Patsy; it's this way."

Willing Square was not very big, but it was beautiful with flowers and

well tended and 3708 proved to be a handsome building with a white

marble front, situated directly on a corner. The Major examined it

critically from the sidewalk, and decided it contained six suites of

apartments, three on each side.

"D must be the second floor to the right." he said, "and that's a fine

location, sure enough."

A porter appeared at the front door, which stood open, and examined

the group upon the sidewalk with evident curiosity.

Patsy walked up to him, and ignoring the big gold figures over the

entrance she enquired:

"Is this 3708 Willing Square?"

"Yes, Miss," answered the porter; "are you Miss Doyle?"

"I am," she answered, surprised.

"One flight up, Miss, and turn to the right," he continued, promptly;

and then he winked over the girl's head at Uncle John, who frowned so

terribly that the man drew aside and disappeared abruptly. The Major

and Patsy were staring at one another, however, and did not see this


"Let's go up," said the Major, in a husky voice, and proceeded to

mount the stairs.

Patsy followed close behind, and then came Uncle John. One flight up

they paused at a door marked "D", upon the panel of which was a rack

bearing a card printed with the word "Doyle."

"Well, well!" gasped the Major. "Who'd have thought it, at all at


Patsy, with trembling fingers, put a key in the lock, and after one or

two efforts opened the door.

The sun was shining brilliantly into a tiny reception hall, furnished

most luxuriously.

The Major placed his hat on the rack, and Uncle John followed suit.

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