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Aunt Jane's Nieces

"True, but now you're here; and our love, Uncle, has nothing to do

with Elmhurst. I'll bet a penny you liked it as little as I did."

"You'd win," admitted the little man.

"And now," said the girl to the smiling waiter, "a bottle of red

California wine for Uncle John and the Major, and two real cigars.

We'll be merry tonight if it bankrupts the Doyle family entirely."

But, after a merry meal and a good one, there was no bill at all when

it was called for.

Danny Reeves himself came instead, and made a nice little speech,

saying that Patsy had always brought good luck to the place, and this

dinner was his treat to welcome her home.

So the Major thanked him with gracious dignity and Patsy kissed Danny

on his right cheek, and then they went away happy and content to find

the little rooms up the second flight of the old tenement.

"It's no palace," said Patsy, entering to throw down the bundles as

soon as the Major unlocked the door, "but there's a cricket in the

hearth, and it's your home, Uncle John, as well as ours."

Uncle John looked around curiously. The place was so plain after the

comparative luxury of Elmhurst, and especially of the rose chamber

Patsy had occupied, that the old man could not fail to marvel at the

girl's ecstatic joy to find herself in the old tenement again. There

was one good sized living-room, with an ancient rag-carpet partially

covering the floor, a sheet-iron stove, a sofa, a table and three or

four old-fashioned chairs that had probably come from a second-hand


Opening from this were two closet-like rooms containing each a bed and

a chair, with a wash-basin on a bracket shelf. On the wails were a

few colored prints from the Sunday newspapers and one large and fine

photograph of a grizzled old soldier that Uncle John at once decided

must represent "the Colonel."

Having noted these details, Patsy's uncle smoothed back his stubby

gray hair with a reflective and half puzzled gesture.

"It's cozy enough, my child; and I thank you for my welcome," said he.

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