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Aunt Jane's Nieces

"Here is Uncle John's room," exclaimed the girl, entering the third


"Mine?" enquired Uncle John in mild surprise.

"Sure, sir; you're one of the family, and I'm glad it's as good as the

Major's, every bit."

Uncle John's eyes twinkled.

"I hope the bed is soft," he remarked, pressing it critically.

"It's as good as the old sofa, any day," said Patsy, indignantly.

Just then a bell tinkled, and after looking at one another in silent

consternation for a moment, the Major tiptoed stealthily to the front

door, followed by the others.

"What'll we do?" asked Patsy, in distress.

"Better open it," suggested Uncle John, calmly.

The Major did so, and there was a little maid bowing and smiling

outside. She entered at once, closing the door behind her, and bowed


"This is my new mistress, I suppose," she said, looking at Patsy. "I

am your servant, Miss Patricia."

Patsy gasped and stared at her. The maid was not much older than she

was, but she looked pleasant and intelligent and in keeping with the

rooms. She wore a gray dress with white collar and white apron and

cap, and seemed so dainty and sweet that the Major and Uncle John

approved her at once.

Patsy sat down, from sheer lack of strength to stand up.

"Who hired you, then?" she asked.

"A gentleman from the bank," was the reply. "I'm Mary, if you please,

Miss. And my wages are all arranged for in advance, so there will be

nothing for you to pay," said the little maid.

"Can you cook?" asked Patsy, curiously.

"Yes, Miss," with a smile. "The dinner will be ready at one o'clock."

"Oh; you've been here before, then?"

"Two days, Miss, getting ready for you."

"And where will you sleep?"

"I've a little room beyond the kitchen. Didn't you see it, Miss


"No, Mary."

"Anything more at present, Miss Patricia?"

"No, Mary."

The maid bowed again, and disappeared toward the kitchen, leaving an

awe-struck group behind her.

The Major whistled softly. Uncle John seemed quite unconcerned. Patsy

took out her handkerchief.

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