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Aunt Jane's Nieces

"That may be," answered the boy. "But Patsy will be there, you know."



The Major was at the station to meet them. Uncle John had shyly

suggested a telegram, and Patsy had decided they could stand the

expense for the pleasure of seeing the old Dad an hour sooner.

The girl caught sight of him outside the gates, his face red and

beaming as a poppy in bloom and his snowy moustache bristling with

eagerness. At once she dropped her bundles and flew to the Major's

arms, leaving the little man in her wake to rescue her belongings and

follow after.

He could hardly see Patsy at all, the Major wrapped her in such an

ample embrace; but bye and bye she escaped to get her breath, and then

her eyes fell upon the meek form holding her bundles.

"Oh, Dad," she cried, "here's Uncle John, who has come to live with

us; and if you don't love him as much as I do I'll make your life


"On which account," said the Major, grasping the little man's hand

most cordially, "I'll love Uncle John like my own brother. And

surely," he added, his voice falling tenderly, "my dear Violet's

brother must be my own. Welcome, sir, now and always, to our little

home. It's modest, sir; but wherever Patsy is the sun is sure to


"I can believe that," said Uncle John, with a nod and smile.

They boarded a car for the long ride up town, and as soon as they were

seated Patsy demanded the story of the Major's adventures with his

colonel, and the old fellow rattled away with the eagerness of a

boy, telling every detail in the most whimsical manner, and finding

something humorous in every incident.

"Oh, but it was grand, Patsy!" he exclaimed, "and the Colonel wept on

my neck when we parted and stained the collar of me best coat, and he

give me a bottle of whiskey that would make a teetotaler roll his eyes

in ecstacy. 'Twas the time of my life."

"And you're a dozen years younger, Major!" she cried, laughing, "and

fit to dig into work like a pig in clover."

His face grew grave.

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