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Aunt Jane's Nieces

He visited a real-estate

office, for one thing, and then telephoned Isham, Marvin & Co. and

issued a string of orders in a voice not nearly so meek and mild as

it was when he was in Patsy's presence. Whatever he had undertaken

required time, for all during the week he left the tenement directly

the Major and his daughter had gone to the city, and bustled about

until it was time to meet them for dinner at the restaurant. But he

was happy and in good spirits and enjoyed his evening game of cribbage

with the Major exceedingly.

"You must be nearly bankrupt, by this time," said Patsy on Tuesday


"It's an expensive city to live in," sighed Uncle John.

She gave him fifty cents of his money, then, and on Friday fifty cents


"After a time," she said, "you'll manage to get along with less. It's

always harder to economize at first."

"How about the bills?" he inquired. "Don't I pay my share of them?"

"Your expenses are nothing at all," declared the Major, with a wave of

his hand.

"But my dinners at Danny Reeves' place must cost a lot," protested

Uncle John.

"Surely not; Patsy has managed all that for a trifle, and the pleasure

of your company more than repays us for the bit of expense."

On Saturday night there was a pint of red wine for the two men, and

then the weekly cigars were brought--very inexpensive ones, to be

sure. The first whiff he took made Uncle John cough; but the Major

smoked so gracefully and with such evident pleasure that his

brother-in-law clung manfully to the cigar, and succeeded in consuming

it to the end.

"Tomorrow is the day of rest," announced Patsy, "so we'll all go for a

nice walk in the parks after breakfast."

"And we sleep 'till eight o'clock, don't we, Patsy?" asked the Major.

"Of course."

"And the eggs for breakfast?"

"I've bought them already, three for a nickle. You don't care for more

than one, do you, Uncle John?"

"No, my dear."

"It's our Sunday morning extra--an egg apiece. The Major is so fond of


"And so am I, Patsy.

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