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Aunt Jane's Nieces

The tears _would_ come in spite of her


"I--I--I'm going to have a good cry," she sobbed, and rushed into the

living-room to throw herself flat upon the divan.

"It's all right," said the Major, answering Uncle John's startled

look; "the cry will do her good. I've half a mind to join her myself."

But he didn't. He followed Uncle John into the tatter's room and

smoked one of the newly-discovered cigars while the elder man lay back

in an easy chair and silently puffed his pipe.

By and bye Patsy joined them, no longer crying but radiant with glee.

"Tell me, Daddy," said she, perching on the arm of the Major's chair,

"who gave me all this, do you think?"

"Not me," answered the Major, positively. "I couldn't do it on twelve

a week, anyhow at all."

"And you robbed me of all my money when I came to town," said Uncle


"Stop joking," said the girl. "There's no doubt this place is intended

for us, is there?"

"None at all," declared the Major. "It's ours for three years, and not

a penny to pay."

"Well, then, do you think it's Kenneth?"

The Major shook his head.

"I don't know the lad." he said, "and he might be equal to it,

although I doubt it. But he can't touch his money till he comes

of age, and it isn't likely his lawyer guardian would allow such


"Then who can it be?"

"I can't imagine."

"It doesn't seem to matter," remarked Uncle John, lighting a fresh

pipe. "You're not supposed to ask questions, I take it, but to enjoy

your new home as much as you can."

"Ex--actly!" agreed the Major.

"I've been thinking," continued Uncle John, "that I'm not exactly fit

for all this style, Patsy. I'll have to get a new suit of clothes to

match my new quarters. Will you give me back ten dollars of that money

to buy 'em with?"

"I suppose I'll have to," she answered, thoughtfully.

"We'll have to go back to Becker's flats to pack up our traps," said

the Major, "so we might as well go now."

"I hate to leave here for a single moment," replied the girl.

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