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Aunt Jane's Nieces


"I'm afraid it will all disappear again."

"Nonsense!" said Uncle John. "For my part, I haven't any traps, so

I'll stay here and guard the treasure till you return."

"Dinner is served, Miss Patricia," said the small maid, appearing in

the doorway.

"Then let's dine!" cried Patsy, clapping her hands gleefully; "and

afterward the Major and I will make our last visit to Becker's flats."



Uncle John did not stay to guard the treasure, after all, for he knew

very well it would not disappear.

As soon as Patsy and the Major had departed for Becker's flats, he

took his own hat from the rack and walked away to hunt up another

niece, Miss Louise Merrick, whose address he had casually obtained

from Patsy a day or two before.

It was near by, and he soon found the place--a pretty flat in a

fashionable building, although not so exclusive a residence district

as Willing Square.

Up three flights he rode in the elevator, and then rang softly at the

door which here the card of Mrs. Merrick.

A maid opened it and looked at him enquiringly.

"Are the ladies in?" he asked.

"I'll see. Your card, sir?"

"I haven't any."

She half closed the door.

"Any name, then?"

"Yes, John Merrick."

She closed the door entirely, and was gone several minutes. Then she

came back and ushered him through the parlor into a small rear room.

Mrs. Merrick arose from her chair by the window and advanced to meet


"You are John Merrick?" she enquired.

"Your husband's brother, ma'am," he replied.

"How do you do, Uncle John?" called Louise, from the sofa. "Excuse my

getting up, won't you? And where in the world have you come from?"

Mrs. Merrick sat down again.

"Won't you take a chair?" she said, stiffly.

"I believe I will," returned Uncle John. "I just came to make a call,

you know."

"Louise has told me of you," said the lady. "It was very unfortunate

that your sister's death deprived you of a home. An absurd thing,

altogether, that fiasco of Jane Merrick's.

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